30# Garnet Sandblast Media 500μm-600μm Red Garnet Blast Media

Brand Name Huitai
Model Number Garnet Sand
Minimum Order Quantity 1000Kg
Price negotiable
Packaging Details 25Kgs Barrels+Pallet/Bags+Pallet
Delivery Time 5-15 Work Days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Supply Ability 2000+ton+per year

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Product Details
Place Of Origin China Certification ISO9001
Name Garnet Sandblast Media Density 4g/cm³
Melting Point 1340 ℃ Grain Size 500-600μm
Magnetic Weakly Magnetic
High Light

Garnet Sandblast Media


Garnet Sand Media 500μm


600μm Red Garnet Blast Media

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Product Description

Huitai 30# Garnet Polishing Sand Sandblasting Materials
1. Product Introduction
Garnet sand, ground from garnet ore as raw material, is characterized by high hardness, high temperature resistance, stable chemical properties, uniform particles, high grinding efficiency and less scratching. It is suitable for various metal materials, non-metal materials, plastic and other surface sandblasting treatment industries.

Chemical analysis SiO2 Al2O3 FeO CaO MgO2
Wt% 36-40 20-24 22-24 6-9 8-13


 Shape:  Prismatic, Irregular  Crystal shape:  Equiaxed crystal system
 Color:  Brownish red  Melting point:  1340 ℃
 Mohs hardness:  7.1  Density:  4g/cm³
 Number of cycles:  20 times or more  Harmful free silicon content:  None
 Magnetic:  Weakly magnetic  Homogeneity:  Homogeneous body

Common particle size(Can be customized according to customer requirements)

8# 16# 30# 40# 60#
2-2.36mm 1-1.18mm 500-600μm 355-425μm 212-350μm
80# 100# 120# 150# 180#
150-180μm 106-125μm 90-106μm 63-75μm 45-63μm

2. Characteristics
①The texture of garnet sand is hard, with a Mohs hardness of more than 7.1, which is higher than that of commonly used quartz sand, sea sand, river sand and other sandblasting materials, and has a long service life.
②Because garnet is a crystal of an isometric system and has no cleavage, which it is easy to form approximate cube particles with edges and angles after making it into sandblasting, and the effect of sandblasting and rust removal is better. It can not only completely remove the rust, oxide skin, coating and its pollutants on the metal surface, but also because of its high hardness, it can produce an ideal angular rough surface on the cleaned metal surface, increasing the surface area of the metal, improving the adhesion of the interface, and making the binding force of corrosion-resistant protective coating and the metal surface significant. So it can enhance to improve the bonding performance of the coating and the metal surface.
③The density of garnet sand is larger, usually about 4g/cm³, strong impact force, which can better clean the metal surface.
④High strength. Treating the metal surface,garnet sand is not easy to break. Even after it is broken, it will produce new angular, almost cubic particles, so that it can be used repeatedly, usually up to 20 times. It is 20 times of siliceous sand (sea sand or river sand) and more than 2 times of quartz sand (artificial), and its relative cost is low once used.
3. Application
①Surface pretreatment of metal materials and non-metal materials structural parts, etc.
This is one of the more widely used fields of garnet sandblasting. It can be used for electroplating, spray painting, spraying and other all covered before sandblasting processing, which can achieve a clean surface, and improve the roughness of the substrate surface, enhance the adhesion of the coating, extend the life of the coating, especially for ships and other large equipment.
②Workpiece surface cleaning
It is mainly used to remove dirt and impurities on the surface of objects,workpiece rust removal, such as casting parts, stamping parts, welding parts, heat treatment parts and other metal work pieces and oxide skin, residue, dirt; Cleaning surface of non-metallic products, removing the black spots on the surface of ceramic embryo.
③Processing glitch
The micro burr of machined parts is removed, and the rubber overflow of injection parts is eliminated. It can be said to be a correction to make the workpiece more beautiful light finishing process.
④Refurbishment of old workpieces
For the refurbishment and cleaning of all moving parts such as automobiles, motorcycles, electromechanical equipment, etc., garnet sand can also be used, which can not only restore the metallic luster of the workpiece, but also have no problem of sand inlaying. At the same time, it can also eliminate the fatigue stress of workpieces and extend their service life.