Alpha Aluminum Oxide With Purity For Abrasives And Refractory

Place of Origin Changsha China
Brand Name Fine-tech
Certification ISO9001
Model Number 400#
Minimum Order Quantity 500KG
Price Negotation
Packaging Details 25kg/barrel, 25kg/bag, 1t/pallet
Delivery Time 5-15 work days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Supply Ability 2000t per year

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Product Details
Toxicity Non-toxic Soluble In Acids
Color Dark/sepia Melting Point 2050 °C
Molecular Weight 101.96 G/mol Storage Conditions Dry, Cool, And Well-Ventilated
High Light

Refractory Alpha Aluminum Oxide


Alpha Aluminum Oxide With Purity


Abrasives Alpha Aluminum Oxide

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Product Description

Product Description:


Brown corundum is a high-quality abrasive material that is used for several production processes. It is made by using high-quality bauxite, anthracite, and iron filings as raw materials, which are then subjected to arc smelting at temperatures of 2000°C or higher. The resulting mixture is crushed and plasticized with the help of a self-grinding machine. The material is then magnetically selected to remove any iron components, sieved into various sizes, and packed into high-density spherical pellets.


The pellets are perfect for manufacturing high-resistance abrasive resin, ceramics, grinding, polishing, sandblasting, precision casting, and high-grade refractories. The texture of the product is dense and hard, which makes it an ideal aggregate and filler for fused alumina refractories.


One of the key characteristics of brown corundum abrasive is its high purity and good crystallization. It also has strong fluidity, low coefficient of linear expansion, and excellent corrosion resistance. The use of this product has been verified by dozens of fire-proof production companies, which found that it does not crack, chalk, or explode during the application process.


Brown corundum abrasive is more cost-effective than traditional brown corundum, making it an attractive option for use in various industries. Its unique properties make it an ideal abrasive material for a wide range of applications, making it a popular choice for manufacturing and industrial processes.




Less dust

Brown corundum is used as a surface treatment for sandblasting because of its high density, resulting in less dust during sandblasting. This ensures the safety and health of operators and improves visibility. In comparison, slag can easily break into small particles due to its brittle nature during the grinding process, resulting in pollution as tiny slag particles are suspended in the air. Similarly, quartz sand is also fragile and not highly efficient.


High Efficiency

Brown corundum, under a certain pressure, can quickly impact the surface of an object with a large number of sharp edges, making it a very fast spray grinding method. The smaller the particle, the easier it is to accelerate and produce a high impact force on the object's surface, resulting in a very high cleaning rate, usually twice as fast as other conventional abrasives.


Low Depletion

The unique particle size of brown corundum ensures that more effective particles hit the surface of an object, reducing the loss of abrasive during sandblasting.


High Quality Surface Treatment

Brown corundum can penetrate deep into surface holes and pits, reaching the bare metal surface, and can effectively remove rust, water-soluble salts, and other pollutants, leaving a clean and high-quality metal surface. In contrast, copper slag and nickel slag tend to leave coarse sharp edges and corners on steel surfaces after sandblasting, leading to poor coating.


Environmentally Friendly

Brown corundum is a pure, non-toxic mineral, free of harmful free silicon, toxic heavy metals and radioactive pollutants, making it environmentally safe. Additionally, its low consumption and recyclability reduce waste disposal costs after use.



Brown corundum can be reused several times, or if it loses its cutting ability, it can be recycled and applied to the construction industry as a cement additive.


Technical Parameters:


Chemical Compound Percentage
Al2O3 ≥ 96.3%
SiO2 ≤ 1.4%
Fe2O3 ≤ 0.21%
TiO2 ≤ 1.5%




Sandblasting is a process commonly used in various fields including environmental protection materials, aluminum profile, copper profile, glass, washed jeans, precision molds and more. It involves using a high-pressure stream of abrasive material to clean or shape the surface of an object.



Grinding is another technique that is applied to various materials including picture tubes, optical glass, monocrystalline silicon, lenses, watch glass, crystal glass and jade. This process involves using an abrasive material to remove small particles from the surface of the object in order to shape it or make it smoother.


Functional Fillers

Functional fillers are materials that are used to enhance the performance of products. They are commonly used in applications such as automobile brakes, highway pavements, airstrips, parking lots, industrial floors, and sports venues. These fillers can improve the strength, durability, or other properties of a product.


Filter Media

Filter media are materials used to purify water and wastewater. They are also suitable for applications in non-ferrous metal beneficiation and oil drilling mud weighting agents. These materials can help remove impurities and improve the quality of water and other liquids.


Hydraulic Cutting

Hydraulic cutting is a process used in various industries including washing plants, sandblasting, steel structure plants, micro powder plants, grinding wheel plants, sandpaper and gauze plants, crystal, glass industry and more. This process involves using high-pressure waterjets or cutting tools to shape, cut or clean surfaces of various materials.


Support and Services:


Brown Aluminum Oxide is a versatile and highly durable abrasive material that is commonly used in grinding and finishing applications. Our product technical support and services for Brown Aluminum Oxide include:


- Expert advice on selecting the appropriate grade, particle size, and application method for your specific needs

- Product testing and analysis to ensure optimal performance and efficiency

- Customized solutions and formulations tailored to your unique requirements

- Ongoing technical support and troubleshooting to address any issues or concerns that arise


Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and support to ensure the success of your projects and applications.


Packing and Shipping:


Product Packaging:

The Brown Aluminum Oxide product comes in 25 kg bags with an inner plastic lining to ensure product quality and integrity during transport and storage. The bags are then placed on pallets and securely wrapped with stretch film to protect against any damage or moisture during shipping.



We ship our Brown Aluminum Oxide product worldwide via air, sea, or land transport depending on the customer's preference and location. Our experienced logistics team ensures that the product is delivered on time and in good condition. We also provide all necessary shipping documents and certificates to facilitate customs clearance and smooth delivery.